Welcome Freshers

to Goodricke College!


Congratulation on getting in to the University of York, and welcome to Goodricke College! We look forward to meeting all you new Goodrickers during Freshers Week. Read the welcome from our head of college, Matt Matravers, here.


Community is very important to Goodricke and we're known for our strong community spirit. As a new part of that community we hope to make your time at York as enjoyable, fulfilling, and successful as possible.


Throughout the year the College Staff, JCRC, and members of Goodricke organise a wide variety of events for students in Goodricke. These include: Halloween Pumpkin Carving, Christmas Curry Night, the Goodricke Gallops, and of course GoodFest.


Coming to university can be life-changing and exciting, but such a big change can also bring new types of stress, unfamiliar feelings, and occasionally unfamiliar behaviours. The college has a lot of experienced people here for you to turn to when things go wrong, or if you feel you need support. For more on wellbeing at Goodricke look here.


Moving in to University can be tough, to help with the practical side of things here's a few useful guides to help you along:

Keep in Touch

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